Tips to Help Market on a Budget

When working to a tight budget, it is vital that you know exactly which practices you need to use and which ones will waste time and money.  Here are some tips for better search advertising campaigns.

Know your Text Ad Format

Not all ads are created the same you know – Bing, Yahoo and Google all use slightly different text formats, so it is good to know the rules of each before you start your campaign.

Optimise the URL within your search ad

Text ads feature a URL within the title of the ad, so make sure it is highly relevant to the service or product you are promoting.

Include target keywords

You should use keywords in both the headline and the text ad to help your ad show up in the search results for those terms.

Strong call to action

You must tell your customers what they need to do next, such as getting a free estimate, claiming a coupon code or requesting further information.