Improving Your Chances of Going Viral


“Going Viral” is a great thing on the internet – it essentially means that your post is speeding around the net at an alarming pace and it is so hot everyone wants a piece of it!  It is a marketeers dream and means more people than ever will see your content and hopefully react to it!  Here are some ideas to help you get your content to go viral…

The first thing to think about is what about your content will touch people enough to make them share your content – things which are uplifting, funny, make us think and being some kind of emotional response will usually trigger more of a response than other sorts of posts.

The timing is an important factor when planning a viral post – you need to ensure you are posting at the time when your target audience are most active online, hence more likely to see the content you are posting.  This is when they are more likely to share your post far and wide and you are far more likely to get a viral thread.