Choosing the Right SEO Tasks

When it comes to SEO there are a wide range of tasks which can have a good effect on the ranking of your site.  The main tasks SEO experts carry out include:

  • link building
  • developing content
  • composing effective headings
  • title and meta descriptions
  • creating new landing pages

The important thing to know about link building is that times have definitely changed since the hayday of SEO in the early 2000s.  No longer can an SEO simply purchase a bulk load of backlinks from a dubious source and expect their site to rank well! Google have adjusted their algorithm to ensure that bad practice is no longer effective.

One of the most important onsite aspects of SEO is getting good heading tags in place.  Each page should have just one H1 heading, which should tell Google what the page is about.  There should be a few H2 headings which support the main H1 heading. You can also have a couple of H3 headings for less important information.